Advertising on Tiktok: Why Tiktok Business Trends is for You

TikTok is a social media platform that took entertainment to a whole new array of creativity and personalized short vids. How one social media platform became this lit for a short amount of time (it only came around in late 2016!) still astounds everyone on the Internet- even the Karens, okay, most especially the Karens. TikTok has over a whopping 800 million monthly users. Not only is it another social media where people, the majority of which are the Gen Zs or the zoomers, showcase their talents and anything really, but it has also become a great and widely used business tool. Advertising on TikTok has been adamant because of its modern twist to marketing.  

Advertising on Tiktok: ‘Don’t make Ads, make trends’

TikTok for business encourages you to forego the ads and make your brand a trend. Here are some of the TikTok trends that you should do for your business: 

TikTok Challenges: Make sure your brand is trending

Make it happen by creating branded hashtag challenges. Through this, you’ll ask your followers to be their most creative selves and submit authentic videos related to your hashtag. These are highly effective for your business promotion because branded hashtag challenges are most likely to become viral. These would encourage people who have just recently come across your brand to follow you because of the diversity that your business caters to. 

Moreover, this TikTok marketing idea allows for interactive participation from your target audience and your brand. Once you get your followers to participate, you connect to them personally despite the probable lack of actual interactions — Internet friends. And that is not to say that it is inferior to any friendship established in the flesh. 

This is one of the best things in advertising on TikTok. Give your followers the branded hashtag challenge and let them do the rest for your business!

Brand Takeover: Own the TikTok app screen

Want to be the very first one to greet TiktTokers in the morning? The TikTok Brand Takeover feature will allow you to do just that. When a Tiktok user first opens the app, they will see your business immediately. The app will show a video advertisement of your brand, and what better way to make a good impression by being the first thing they see and interact with for the day. But these brand takeovers are limited to one brand in their specific category per day. 

A downside of this tool, though, is its costly nature. If you’re a smaller brand than most, you might have reservations about investing in a brand takeover, but if you truly strive for fast growth in your audience, then investing in this is a sure-fire way of doing so.

What’re a few extra cents for ensuring that you have the best seat in the house? Bag the brand takeover of the day now!

Duet alongside your brand

Give your followers something to sing about by creating a video for them to duet along because everybody sings their heart out. Duets are a fun way of getting anyone hyped about your products. 

TikTok duets work by creating a side-by-side video of your brand and your followers. It is a form of reply from your audience. They can even share it throughout the whole of the social media platform for anyone to see. Wait it out and see how it becomes trending. You’ll amass a large number of following soon after. It would be suitable for your branding to show how much user-generated content you have. User engagement makes up a successful business, after all. 

TikTok Advertising Hacks: Give Your Audience Valuable Hacks on Your Products or Services

Make your customer service hotline easily accessible and extra by giving instructional videos of your products and services. These would also lessen the traffic of customers contacting you regarding difficulties and queries about your products. TikTok would be happy to be your product support team. 

These also add to your valuable content aside from your promotional ones. It is a must that your customers know the ins and outs of what they are buying to ensure their continued support for your business. 

Advertising on Tiktok is both fun and practical, not only for your customers but for your business as well. Achieve prominence in your line of business by using TikTok for your marketing. Here at Infinity Web Solutions, we will provide you with the best TikTok experience for your brand because we are the best digital marketing agency in Batangas. One of our services involves social media marketing that your business needs. Learn more with us, and let us make you an official TikTok account. 

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