What started as a social media platform for posting random pictures of just about anything from pets to mundane activities has emerged to become one of the best places to get businesses the recognition they deserve. Now, let’s dive deeper into the wonders of Instagram for business.

Since its inception back in 2006, Instagram has honed millions of users of varying age groups and ethnicities- it has a worldwide reach. Everyone wanted a piece of that social media cake to show the story of their lives. May those be vacations, hobbies, families, memes, you name it because surely it has been posted by someone. Today, (Since 2013 actually, and fun fact: Michael Kors is the first official user of Instagram’s sponsored post advertising.) posts about your homemade pastries, handmade crafts, and any product at all can be monetized because Instagram for business is here.

Instagram is open for business!

Even though you are just starting or have been in The Biz for a considerable amount of time, you need the appropriate marketing strategies to get your business up, running efficiently, and preferably for an indefinite amount of time (even forever perhaps). Think simple, start smartly, and use Instagram. Still unconvinced? Here are the reasons why you should:

1. Well, it is a popularity contest.

Everyone is either familiar or is a user of Instagram. It is just a general truth. With this much reach, never worry about your business being unknown. It would turn into that popular kid with fan clubs and admirers that worship the ground it walks on- in this case, Instagram.

It is a social hub for safe interaction because of the pandemic that is still around. If you are a home-based business, you can heavily rely on Instagram for advertising. It helps to add intrigue to your content with its many tools and features that are freely available and easily used. Instagram ensures that it brings life to your posts. Never shall you and your audience ever see dullness again.

2. #InstagramforBusiness

If you are the new kid in this business town, it is reasonable to be intimidated by the veterans that have been grinding for some time, but with the proper utilization of the hashtags (#), you can ensure that you still hold the brightly lit spot. Using hashtags along with a post lets the said post be viewable among others in that particular hashtag. These hashtags can also be helpful to keep tabs on your shop regarding new products or promos even if they are not following your Instagram account.

These hashtags don’t have to be overly complicated. They just have to be interesting and attention-grabbing. Think of your shop and its image, then be creative about it. Additionally, you can include up to 30 hashtags on a post and 10 hashtags on a story. But make sure to use them wisely. More is not that merrier in this aspect.

3. Partner up with influencers.

Influencers are social media celebrities. And what do celebrities perform efficiently? Brand promotions. The majority of their fans religiously buy the things that they buy. These fans want to get their hands on everything that their celebrity crushes use and use them as well. Think about it when it is your product they are promoting, you already have loyalists in a blink of an eye. It gets better because the influencers have a certain reach on demographics that is possibly out of your radar. These influencers can give you and your business access to an even wider audience, like having a VIP pass that comes along with the perks of being friends with a celebrity.

4. Keep your friends close and your competitors closer.

Since everyone is on Insta, this means that not only your customers would be present but your competitors as well. And what better way to keep a lookout on the enemy than by being on the same social media platform. With Instagram, you would know what the other businesses with the same line as yours are up to, what their new products would be when the products would be released, and what promotional stunts they are doing for their marketing. You would be on the loop, but it goes both ways…they’ll know what you are up to as well. But this does not have to be some unfriendly competition. You can learn from each other and even help each other out. After all, no amount of negative energy will help your business. Camaraderie trumps bad blood.  

5. Have access to Instagram Analytics.

Beginning a business is like walking in the dark. Nothing is certain. You are trying to figure out the what, where, when, which, and how of everything all at once. First and foremost, you being the owner, must establish your business goals. With Instagram, you would be able to monitor your overall presence. Tracking your Instagram Analytics is the light you need for going on this dark path. It is the insight you need for content creation and marketing because it gives you an overall grasp of what you need to keep the customers coming. Instagram for business helps you in achieving your objectives and fulfilling your goals.

Level Up Your Business with Social Media Marketing

There are numerous reasons to use Instagram for business that you need to see and discover for yourself. It is a very established social media platform that investing in it should be one of your priorities. Luckily for you, here at Infinity Web Solutions, we make it easier because one of our many services includes Social Media Marketing. We have Instagram Marketing Experts that will help you in using Instagram for business. You need not be the new kid any longer. Be one of the veterans and make it official with your first sale on your Instagram account.