I see Dianne as a versatile worker. I couldn’t comprehend sometimes how she gets the job done in a short span of time without the flaw. If there is one thing I’m gonna say about her is that she became a valuable element in my business undertakings. I’m thankful when I decided to outsource my non-paying but essential tasks to her. In fact, I still work with her and she never fail to be an exceptional worker for me. Highly recommended!



Melodie has immense qualifications as a virtual assistant. You might think it overstated but for 3 months that I’ve worked with her, my projects were all finished in a timely manner. She is very nice, intelligent, polite…professional to sum it up. She comes in complete package…that I could highly recommend her to my colleagues.

- Harry Hedditch


Gee joy has been an absolute joy to work with. Efficient, patient, enquiring, thoughtful, what else could you asks for? She’s a total delight for my business undertakings because of those traits…most of all…she really is comfortable in English and that’s a lot of advantage for us to meet halfway. No second thoughts needed…as soon as I need to outsource my work, I’d give the job to her and her extended family of virtual assistants.

- Daniela Hartmann


Rena is awesome, that’s it. She understands the social media platform well and she never hesitates to share her ideas with her client. Aside from the fact that she is a keen observer and a patient learner as well, she has that friendly air in her and that’s what I love about this girl. She is more than just a virtual assistant for me. A high five for her!!

- Amy


Kriselle was great to work with and did a fantastic job, I will definitely work with her again.

- Brittany Whitmore


Lilia completed all tasks with exceptional speed and followed directions with fantastic communication. I would recommend her for future work and would happily hire her again if we have work available in the future.

- Catherine


Rachel was a great communicator, very fast and enthusiastic!

- Bryan


Jasmine is excellent! She keeps me up to date with the progress of the work and always takes the time to understand my needs with every project. Her work was completed on time and with very few changes, if any at all needed. 90% of the time her work was delivered perfectly and the other 10% was mostly due to lack of communication on our part! I enjoyed working with her and look forward to working together in the future.

- Amanda