Mia did great tech work and I would certainly hire her again for future projects!




best digital marketing agency philippines
Chester Jay

Thanks to Joyce! Her work was of great quality and she is very communicative. Highly recommended freelancer.



digital marketing services batangas
Nickolas Nigel

Tin did a great work creating content for SEO purposes, newsletters, managing the blog, and creating social media posts. Thanks for all!

best digital marketing agency philippines
Catherine Bird

Henry was very eager to learn how to use new tools to help me complete my tasks. His availability was great and overall good work.


virtual assistants batangas
Bentley Geoffrey

Jaime is no doubt an excellent VA! The work was always completed quickly and to a very high quality. We will definitely hire her again!


digital marketing services batangas
Luke Mel

Princess and Yuane are very insightful and willing to help. They work together to build my website and build my reputation online. Thanks, Gee for recommending them.

best digital marketing agency philippines
Margareth Smith

Nazhy created Facebook Ads for a free e-course I wanted to generate traffic for. She was detailed in her work (especially keywords and pitch phrases), and easy to communicate with.


best digital marketing agency philippines
Francesca Shelton

Kim has been an amazing asset to my team! She is great at communicating and delivered on-time week after week. I very much appreciate her effort and will certainly be re-hiring her in the future.

virtual assistants batangas
Brenda Quinten

Great asset to the team! Will be rehiring early next year! As you can see, Cami has been working with us for quite a while and we’ve been very happy with her work. Thanks, Cami!

virtual assistants batangas
Nathan Nickolas

Cj went above and beyond when helping out our business. He was prompt with her communication and asked questions when needed. Will use it again on our next project.



virtual assistants batangas
Ezra Denton

Crizza is a great worker whom I’d recommend to others as she’s very proficient in her work and communication. She’s very knowledgeable and works very well.



best digital marketing agency philippines
Pip Brent

My company is just started last year. I have started with 3 employees but now, we are 10. It is because my business was already established with the help of Infinity’s VA. I love working with them. Highly recommended!

best digital marketing agency philippines
Lisa I

Shiela was extremely communicative and offered expertise and insights into social media marketing and content distribution. She was very accountable and able to explain her processes well. Thanks, Shiela!

best digital marketing agency philippines
Samantha Williamson

Kriselle is all these! She’s a wonderful freelance, she is creative and she is excellent in time management. We had paused Social for the moment, but will be starting again soon and would love to have Kriselle back once we do.


best digital marketing agency philippines
Trev Henry

Crizzabelle worked hard to create all the content we required in the time available. She has a good understanding of contextualizing content and copy for each platform and worked in a structured way. She was very punctual and fast to communicate.

digital marketing services batangas
Olly Meredith

Laica always worked very diligently to complete the tasks laid out for her. She always had a positive attitude and completed work happily. Her quality of work was always great and I could always count on her. Would definitely recommend her to friends and family!



best digital marketing agency philippines
Matilda Rogers

It was lovely to work with Macon on this project. She was enthusiastic and completed the work in a satisfactory manner. She achieved a significant growth on our Pinterest account for which we are grateful. Thank you & wishing you the best in the future.




best digital marketing agency philippines
Otto Zed

Princess Dianne is a great worker. She worked for us for over 3 months and did outstanding work until we finished the assignment. She is a very nice and polite person to work with and she is very intelligent and professional. When another project comes up… I will consider working with her again. I highly recommend her.

top digital marketing agency batangas
Emily Mitchell

Rena is awesome. She even taught me a few old tricks. She really understands the social media space and is able to be left to build relationships on automatically. Was always keen to provide advice – which was often great and always updated me with her progress. Will hire again!



top digital marketing agency batangas
Shay Fields

I highly commend Rose, Camille, and Jp from Infinity Web Solutions. The entire team is professional and knowledgeable, and I admire them for their responsiveness and commitment to supporting my company’s initiative. I attribute the majority of my success to this fantastic virtual assistance team from the Philippines!

best digital marketing agency philippines
Esther Weaver

I just want to share this with you, as I started hiring some of their VA’s to endorse my business; I can see how they passionately work as a team to meet my preferred goals to achieve. Hand in hand, they determined to do their very best to make my business on top. No doubt that I will suggest this company! You really have a passionate and dedicated team.

top digital marketing agency batangas
Marion Wells

Shiela rocks! She is a hard worker that doesn’t need to be micro-managed. She’s a self-starter and is highly skilled at finding a tech solution for any problem. My favorite part of working with her is the fact that she was able to get so many things done with nearly no direction from our company. Thank you, Shiela. We’ll work with you again. We appreciate it.

digital marketing services batangas
Rian Andre

Kat is awesome, that’s it. She understands the social media platform well and she never hesitates to share her ideas with her client. Aside from the fact that she is a keen observer and a patient learner as well, she has that friendly air in her and that’s what I love about this girl. She is more than just a virtual assistant for me. A high five for her!!


top digital marketing agency batangas

Ally has immense qualifications as a virtual assistant. You might think it overstated but for 3 months that I’ve worked with her, my projects were all finished in a timely manner. She is a very nice, intelligent, polite…professional to sum it up. She comes in a complete package…that I could highly recommend her to my colleagues.


top digital marketing agency batangas
Harry Hedditch

Cai is a lifesaver! I hired her to help me with my social media marketing efforts. Within two months, I saw an incredible change from the number of followers to the level of interactions. With her help, I have established myself as an authority in my chosen niche. I had to pause for a while because of personal family issues but will definitely rehire her once I’m back on track!




digital marketing agency batangas
Dexter Haris

I see Rose as a versatile worker. I couldn’t comprehend sometimes how she gets the job done in a short span of time without the flaw. If there is one thing I’m gonna say about her is that she became a valuable element in my business undertakings. I’m thankful when I decided to outsource my non-paying but essential tasks to her. In fact, I still work with her and she never fail to be an exceptional worker for me. Highly recommended!


top digital marketing agency batangas

I’ve worked with Coleen, Rona, and Enzo from Infinity Web Solutions for more than two years now on several projects. I could not be more impressed with their teamwork, skills, commitment, and professionalism. I even referred to this team of Filipino virtual assistants to my colleagues, and they couldn’t thank me enough for it. The team is outstanding, and they made my job a whole lot easier. Until now, I value IWS as my number 1 partner in business.

best digital marketing agency philippines
Stephanie Drew

Len has been an absolute joy to work with. She is efficient, patient, capable, enquiring, and thoughtful as well as being highly capable. I had absolutely no problem communicating with her and she is truly collaborative — she makes useful suggestions and doesn’t take offense. As soon as I have another job, Len will be the first person I try to hire — if she has time! For anyone who wants the job done in English — I can confirm Len has excellent English skills.




top digital marketing agency batangas
Sasha DiLaurentis

The team from Infinity Web Solutions has consistently provided my company with digital marketing support that has driven significant results. Prin, Riziel, Fer, and Eider value my suggestions and actions, and they help me formulate my ideas so that it would be implemented as strategies. From web development to content creation and down to SEO efforts and social media marketing, IWS has proven time and time again that they bring nothing but positive results. They are professional, and I feel their strong commitment to my success.

digital marketing services batangas
Julius Vaughn

Riella was a great teammate and always communicated to let me know what she was working on and going to be publishing. She made power points, videos, and wrote articles that were published on multiple websites to enable us to get more backlinks and exposure. She is very hardworking and ALWAYS communicates on a daily basis so you know what she has done and what she will be working on. Thank you, Sabrina, for your hard work and I will of course contact you in the future for any further needs.


best digital marketing agency philippines
Natalie Mullins

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