6 Effective Tips on Creating Blog Titles that Catch Reader’s Attention

Blogging has been one of the most exciting and interesting online trends today. The purpose of a blog can be to inform, persuade, entertain, or promote products or services. There are already countless stories of success from those entrepreneurs who have started their own blogs and made it BIG in the market. Therefore, you may need some content writing tips to be like them as well.

Powerful content – that’s the heart of successful blogging. However, the content will not be powerful if it lacks a title that will catch the reader’s attention. It’s your title that gives your content the first impression. It’s the ‘charisma’ that attracts your readers to find out more.

Effective Content Writing Tips and Techniques to Create Catchy Blog Titles

1. Use an ‘actionable’ title.

Make your title works for the whole content. A title must be specific, interesting, and direct to the point of what you’re going to discuss. The technique here is for you to think of a general topic and from ideas given out for a certain topic, you can create a working title. For instance, your topic in mind is ‘online marketing strategies. That’s too general, right? So, a title can be one of the following:

  • How Social Media Strategies can Revolutionize your Online Business
  • Backlinking Techniques: A Quick Guide for Beginners

2. Don’t forget 2 important things: accuracy and relevancy.

When you create a title that says, “Top 10 SEO Techniques that Work for Coaching Business”, the readers will expect the obvious: you will talk about SEO techniques and specifically, for a coaching business. Therefore, accuracy is the factor that will tell what exactly your title is all about. Relevancy, on the other hand, must opt to provide the necessary information for your content. Its purpose is to inform, not to chase away your audience from the main topic.

You can also add bracketed clarification in your title. Or, if you’re going to discuss steps or enumerated items, start your title with a number. For instance:

  • How to Generate Sales in 10 Days
  • 10 Productivity Tips for Budding Freelancers

3. Add a unique ‘interest’ factor.

Accuracy must not hinder you from making your blog title more interesting. There’s always a way how to make it captivating, and sexier. Instead of always using positive words, why not try using phrases that may sound contradictory? Examples:

  • Busted! Online Marketing Myths Startup Owners are Still Keeping Today

Another technique is to make the title intriguing. Examples:

  • Hiring  a Virtual Assistant: Why a-Must Thing to Do
  • Morning Habits of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and other Successful People

4. Don’t forget to make it SEO-friendly.

Use keywords and include them in your title. This will help your blog to be visible in online searches. Use also your title when sharing via social media platforms.

5. Ask for an opinion.

It’s important that you can have someone to help brainstorm your title. Make sure to consider feedback and comment to improve the title, if needed.

6. Be creative while making your title short.

Although your title needs to be short, don’t be afraid to use the power of your imagination. There’s always a better way to make the title more creative. Avoid the usual boring blog title. Make it unique and point out that your blog has something special to tell.

Some writers find it easier to create the title once the content is complete while others prefer to create the title first. Whatever your style is, there’s a single point that matters. Your blog title must catchy, enticing, and works with marketing.

Ready to start a new blog post today? Go on and feel free to apply the above-mentioned content writing tips  Should you need someone to write content for your website, our writers are just a click away!

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