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Are you an excellent communicator who can provide positive experiences to customers regardless of the situation? If so, then we need you on our team!

We are looking for a professional customer service and support agent who is well-versed in handling clients’ comments, questions, and complaints. Your ultimate responsibility is to enhance relationships between the companies and respective clients by resolving issues professionally and respectfully. Below are the additional criteria that an excellent customer service agent must possess.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Customer Service and Support Agent

  • Respond to clients’ queries timely and accurately via chat, email, or call
  • Identify what the customers need and assist them in using specific products or app features
  • Analyze customers’ varying predicaments and come up with comprehensive solutions
  • Update clients’ databases with relevant and accurate information about reported issues
  • Maintain a professional attitude when dealing with complaints and angry customers
  • Follow up with customers to ensure that reported issues have been successfully resolved
  • Gather feedback from customers and improve accordingly
  • Assist in guiding and training new team members for customer support
  • Follow working schedule and maintain a stellar working attendance.


  • College Level
  • Must have excellent English skills (written and verbal)
  • Proficiency with software and apps for customer service
  • Detail-oriented
  • Availability for night shift schedule
  • Ability to work and adapt in a fast-paced working environment
  • Willing to be trained

Working Schedule: (Night Shift)

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