Vlogging for Business: Is It Worth It?

Video blogs or better known as “vlogs,” have been trending for quite a while now. Looking back, it all started when YouTube rose to popularity. Content creators began uploading daily vlogs, which their audience enjoy. This digital medium has become so popular that when you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, children would reply that they wanted to be vloggers. With the sudden popularity of this marketing tactic, even business owners rode the trend. It brings us to the question: is vlogging for business worth it? 

Today, many businesses are creating vlogs to reach the mass market. From the get-go, vlogging seems like a great idea, but if you ponder on it, you will eventually think about the investment of money and time.

What is a vlog?

From the word itself, a vlog is a video blog. Vlogs are personalized for the audience, and that’s why they are unique. The vlogger, a person who makes vlogs, provides a glimpse of his/her life, thoughts, and interests. It is created either to entertain or to inform. The primary objective of vlogs is to interact with the audience in a personal manner. Popular types of vlogs are related to travel, food, fitness, and fashion.

Is vlogging for business worth the investment?

We are in the era of digital marketing. It can be challenging to keep up, but with the rise of vlogging, businesses found a way to engage with their audience without having them read a 3,000-word blog. Vlogs are the future of marketing. Here are some of the reasons why:

It adds a personal touch. In the past, your audience doesn’t know how your business works. But through vlogging, entrepreneurs nowadays have the opportunity to give audiences a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. You won’t have to stick to your “About Us” tab on your website; with vlogs, the audience will know you better. Video blogs establish a strong personal connection with the audience, which compels them to support the business. 

It improves your site’s visibility through SEO

In recent years, more people are searching for videos. 80% of internet traffic can be attributed to video content. If you want to climb to the top of the ranks on search engines, you should consider vlogging. Usually, search engines prioritize video over written content, which means more visibility and traffic. Brands with videos on their pages or websites have a greater chance of ranking first than those who don’t. 

It is cost-effective.

When it comes to start-up costs, vlogging isn’t that expensive. You can use your mobile phone to record videos. Of course, if you want more quality, you can invest in cameras, but currently, there are many affordable cameras on the market. For editing, there is a wide variety of free editing software on the internet. Just download one, and you are good to go.

It is visually engaging.

Visual content wins customers over. It is easier for people to watch videos than reading lengthy blogs. Furthermore, you can watch it anytime and anywhere. For just a minute, you can present loads of information in video format. By stimulating both senses of sight and hearing, the audience can easily retain more information, and they are more likely to remember your brand.

If these reasons still aren’t enough for you to invest in vlogging, you miss out on a lot. Vlogging for business is an under exploited marketing strategy that offers benefits, which stretch on in the long run. It’s about time you use it to your advantage. Stay ahead of your competitors, and start that camera rolling!

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