Email Marketing Tips: How to Grow your Email List

Email marketing is one of today’s proven marketing strategies which generates income for online entrepreneurs. Neil Patel, one of the most renowned online marketing gurus shared tips on how to grow your number of subscribers. Watch the video below for some useful email marketing tips.

Indeed, emails are one of the most valuable assets. As Neil Patel has mentioned in the above video, emails are the most valuable channel for marketing. He has mentioned two ways of growing your email lists quickly and easily. So, here are some other ways and tips on how you could grow your lists real quick.

Email Marketing Tips: Ways On How You Can Grow Your Email List Faster

1. Join affiliate and cross-promos. This is one of the best ways to grow and build your email list. Actually, this is a win-win strategy. Not only will you get more subscribers, but you will also gain commissions from the traffic that your affiliate marketer has gained from you. Additionally, joining cross-promos from time to time will surely let you build your email lists by almost twice as you normally would.

2. Utilize the Content Cliff-hanger technique. Successful email marketers are very fond of this technique. This is when you create a checklist or an interesting article and to let your readers read the rest of the article, they have to input their email address.

3. Keep your forms short and simple. Simplicity is always the key to success in email marketing. People hate filling in a long list of required fields, so it is best to keep your opt-in forms short that captures the most important information like full name and email address. Also, crafting a nice yet simple opt-in form will most likely raise the curiosity and interest of the readers, thus increasing the probability of signing up to your email list.

4. Use opt-in incentives. Who doesn’t love free things, right? Successful email marketers are fond of using this method to grow their email lists faster. If you are an online marketer who sells online courses and e-books, this may work well for you. Just by simply offering free courses and e-books with their actual price, you will surely increase your subscribers by almost 40%.

5. Craft interesting content. The first and most important tip here is to make sure that your site and blogs are of interesting content. Otherwise, your opt-in forms will not bear significant results. Creating blogs and articles that catch the interest of the visitors will surely convert those visitors into your subscribers.

6. Add Social Proof. People tend to trust sites that provide social proof. There are several types of social proof that you can use to increase your sites’ credibility. Most email marketers use current user and customer reviews as social proof. This gives the visitor an impression of how good the site or the newsletter is.

7. Make your home page an opt-in page. Since your home page is the first thing that visitors see in your site, you can take advantage of this by turning this page into an opt-in page. By adding opt-in forms (that are not annoying), you can give a heads-up or an overview of what your site has to offer.

Certainly, email list building is a tedious job. But with the results and outcomes that you will gain from it, all the hard work is worth it. However, if you are looking into growing your email list faster and you want to focus on email building, you can always hire a virtual assistant to do the job for you.

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