Google Ads: Tips for Unlocking the Gold Mine

“Open Sesame!” The door flew open and Alibaba discovered rich bales of merchandise – silk brocades, all piled together, and gold and silver in heaps, and money in leather purses.

With the right words, Alibaba discovered tons of treasure – in an amount that he has never seen in his entire life. How about in search engine marketing, if we have the right strategies, will we be able to find the gold mine?

For many businesses, search engine marketing, or simply running Google ad campaigns can be daunting. It requires investment, but can’t assure ROI (return of investment). However, behind this intimidating mask of paid ads, lies a gold mine. If you are able to unlock the puzzle, a chest of treasure is assured on the other side.

Tips for Successful, High-Converting Ad Campaigns

Moreover, many businessmen think that running Google ad campaigns guarantee crazy traffic and revenue. Well, yes – if you do it right. That’s why we listed down some tips on how you can maximize the use of Google ads to unlock the gold mine.

1. Create an Effective Landing Page

Ensuring that the landing page where users are directed is one of the essential key points for maximizing the ads. Most campaigns’ goal is not only to get clicks but also to make a sale or convert this traffic to leads. Additionally, the keywords, ad copies, and landing page must be aligned with each other and must be consistent.

2. Maximize Negative Keywords

Negative keywords lessen the occurrence of irrelevant searches, thus increasing the CTR of the campaigns. Furthermore, maximizing your negative keywords by telling Google what your product is not may increase your overall Quality Score.

3. Make Use of the Appropriate Keyword Match Types

Search network campaigns mostly rely on the keywords used and their relevancy to the users’ search queries. So, it is important to choose the right keyword match type for your campaign. Here are the 4 main keyword match types:

  • Broad Match. This type will match any words in any order, including synonyms and words that include the target keywords.
  • Broad Match Modified. This is the second widest type and is signified by a plus (+) sign in front of the keywords. Likewise, this will show the ads on queries that make use of the target keywords in the order specified.
  • Phrase Match. These keywords are signified by a quotation (“”). Also, the ads will show when searchers use the exact phrase specified.
  • Exact Match. This keyword modifier is almost similar to phrase match, but ads will only show on queries using the exact keywords. These keywords are enclosed in brackets ([]).

4. Use All Relevant Ad Extensions

Maximize the use of ad extensions. However, not all extensions are relevant to all goals. This is one of the essential parts that influence customer experience and can give your ads some performance boost. There are numerous ad extensions to use, but here are some of the most important ad extensions:

  • Sitelink Extensions. These are additional features of your ads that may help users to discover other relevant landing pages.
  • Callout Extensions. This may boost the performance of your ads by adding more enticing CTA’s or call to action to your ads.
  • Structured Snippets. There are numerous header types you can choose from like amenities, courses, service catalogs, and many more. Correspondingly, this allows your users to discover more of the services or amenities that you are offering.

5. Adjust Bids for Geo-targeting and Mobile Devices

Increase bids for targeting specific locations, especially for businesses that have physical stores like restaurants, boutiques, and many more. people are now searching for services and stores near them. Also, most of the searches are from mobile devices. So, that’s why increasing the bids for targeted locations and mobile devices may definitely boost sales.

Indeed, running Google ad campaigns is an investment. Nevertheless, with the proper strategies and techniques, you can definitely expect some good return on investment. And just like Alibaba, you may find some treasure as you’d never seen or expected before.

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