Signs you Should Work with a Social Media Manager

We all know that social media is an integral part of a company’s online marketing mix. It allows companies to gain that genuine connection with their customers, extend brand reach, leverage site traffic, and get new leads. And so business owners are scrambling to gain a presence on all major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and recently, Instagram is added to the roster. Thus, you may need a social media manager.

Here are Signs why you should work with a Social Media Manager

But did you know that the vast majority of time spent on social networking sites is a total waste of time? Let’s admit it. Social media platforms are the most common workplace distractions, and when not used properly, can make a large portion of working time slip away and eventually kill the business. Here are telltale signs that you are hurting your company instead of helping attract prospects.

1. Can’t separate gossip from a business strategy. 

The Internet is, well, noisy. When you access Facebook or Twitter, you can easily get distracted by what people you know are telling about you or your favorite basketball team, or Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, or Kim Kardashian, or the latest Christmas sales.

2. You are “too social.”

Being on social media is fun, but updates from former high school friends can put you one click away from your original purpose of logging in for business. If you are logging in to look for “fun” instead of using it solely for business purposes, you can put your business’ success at risk.

3. Substituting face-to-face interactions.

With the advent of social media, we can easily create connections in a way not possible in the past. This makes company owners reach out to customers and vice versa, building instant relationships without the need for face-to-face meetings. BUT it doesn’t mean that it should stay that way and should apply to everyone.

While social media accounts can create connections, remember that those connections might be weak. Remember that physical interaction still offers the highest level of interactions, to really get to know your prospects and customers.

4. You are static.

You are on social networking sites to build networks for sure, so posting a link or an image or two on all your social media accounts and then calling it a day is simply a big no-no. ‘Nuff said.

5. You consume time, creating content to share.

The Internet is a content-driven world, and you need to create content that would make you stand out among the sea of contents shared across each social media platform. But finding quotes, links, and images and repurposing content that you can share can take up most of your time when you should’ve focused on other core business activities.

6. Direct selling.

If you are blatantly pitching your products/services on all your social media accounts, you are giving more reasons for possible customers to ignore you completely.

If you are a business owner and committing one or more of the social media blunders mentioned above, you are, as a colleague aptly put it, “mixing business and pleasure.” I can’t blame you because as the boss you can do what you want. However, at the end of the day, are you achieving anything? Ask yourself. Be honest!

Social Media is a Powerful Tool if used correctly.

But like anything else, you have to make sure your social media strategy is run responsibly, and you’ll have a higher chance of reaping its rewards. If you are looking to stop spending hours on social media or fall into its traps and focus on your core business tasks, calling a social media manager can be a wise decision. 

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