Social Media Marketing: What Online Marketers Often Forget

In the latest Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner, it is found out the leading important social media networks are Facebook and Linkedin. Too, 92% of marketers said that social media was important to their businesses. Also discussed are the various platforms and tools that are being used to better promote online business. But while online opportunities and tools keep innovating, do all online marketers do the right thing for their business’s success?

The fact is: most online marketers are often forgetting simple yet essential things on social media marketing. Are you one of them?

It’s time to analyze your social media strategies and evaluate what should be done more effectively. Check below.

Online Marketers! Consider the Length of Everything Online

What you see online does not impact based only on length but on quality. Any content, be it a blog post or any social media post, can be long as it takes to convey a quality message – and no longer,

See below the ideal character count for your posts:

Twitter: 71 – 100 characters

Although Twitter allows 140 characters, you must not consume all these in just one post. Why? So, you can allow people to edit it when retweeting and add mentions. Tweets that are shorter than 100 characters are seen to have a 17% higher engagement rate.

Facebook: 40 characters

Jeff Bulas, a known blogger and social media strategist found out that a 40-character post received 86% more engagement rather than longer posts. Well, for sure a lot of people may be more enticed to read a shorter caption. So, keep your FB posts shorter but interesting. Make it a ‘teaser’ so visitors will keep on reading.

Google Plus: 60 characters

Social media experts advised to keep your Google Plus posts as long as 60 characters – that’s what was found to be more effective.

One important point: If your Google Plus headline can’t be possibly contained into one line, then make sure to have your first sentence as a ‘captivating’ teaser. That will invite your audience to read more.

Hashtags: 6 characters

Yes, that’s the ideal count of characters for hashtags. Don’t use spaces or special characters and be careful when using slang.

Email Subject Lines: 28-39 characters

The subject line for your email must contain 28-39 characters for it gets an open rate of 12.2% and clicks rate of 4% on average.

Linkedin: 70 characters

When you are uploading a link to your LinkedIn Company page, make sure to check the title since more than 70 characters get cut off when posted.

Ideal Word Count for your Content

Word count must be also considered when creating posts for your blog and social media posts. Are you following these?

Blog Headlines: 6 Words

Do you know that only the first 3 words and the last 3 words of a headline tend to be read? So, when creating your headlines, make sure to give more importance to quality rather than stressing about the length. As always, make every word count.

Linkedin Posts: 25 words

When posting to LinkedIn, write 16-25 words if you’re marketing to businesses. When reaching out to consumers, a 21-25 word post is proven to have a better engagement.

Blog Posts: 1,600 words

Ideally, a 1,600-word blog post can be read in 7 minutes. Longer than that, a blog post can decline the reader’s interest. However, with today’s great trends of having images and infographics, you can shorten that 1,600-word blog post to 980 words.

How Often You Must Post to your Social Media Accounts

Especially if you’re a beginner at promoting your business, creating and managing social media accounts can bring a lot of benefits. One common question that is often asked is: “How often you must post on social media?”

The answer can be: “It depends”. This is because there can be a big difference between beginner online marketers and those online entrepreneurs who already have established social media profiles. As beginners, you need to socially interact to reach more audiences and reach target markets.

However, BufferSocial shares the best practices on when to post on social media:
Remember: quality and frequency must be both applied when posting.

Twitter: 3 times per day or more. Use relevant hashtags.

Important Note: When starting gaining followers, remember the online etiquette: “Follow those who follow you”.

Facebook: 2 times per day, at most

Important Note: Remember that consistency is one of the keys to a successful social interaction. Like, comment, and share other posts.

Google +: 3 times per day, at most

Google Plus is a place you can find relevant communities and people to connect. Thus, the more often you post, the more engagement you’ll get.

Pinterest: 5 times per day, or more

When posting, use great images, and keyword-optimize your boards.

LinkedIn: 1 time per day

Instagram: 2 times a day, or more

This week, Instagram announced that they are now supporting landscape and portrait formats – that’s another leap from the usual square posts.

Blog Posts: twice a week

Let’s admit it. A website that has an updated blog post thread appears to be more interesting and of course, informative. As a matter of fact, companies that do blogging 2-3 times a week get more leads.

Make your Social Media Marketing Strategies more Effective

Online marketing strategies keep changing every time. It becomes more exciting and yet, challenging. Don’t be left behind. Make your business stand out online. Contact our social media experts today!

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