Using Video Sharing Platforms 101: Data, Tips, and Tools You Need

Everyone can now be taking advantage of the Internet because of the limitless opportunities that it can give to someone. Besides, most social media influencers, artists, and live podcasts that started with zero subscribers turned into thousands of followers. It became possible with their good strategy of utilizing one of the leading video-sharing platforms worldwide.

Using video sharing platforms gives you, as an entrepreneur or artist, a wider audience that can expose your business or story. But you also need to be intelligent using video sharing platforms because it is tricky, and if you unlock the code, expect bountiful engagement. So now, if you are wondering how to start, just stay there and finish this 101 article.

Video-Sharing Platforms

There are a lot of video-sharing platforms, some of which are utilized by established and emerging channels or names worldwide. Moreover, using video-sharing platforms can boost your engagement with others and build your online reputation. A research firm Statista provides valuable official figures for YouTube. They showed that the platform boasts about 1.86 billion active users and 2.61 billion overall users. Therefore, YouTube is one of the platforms used by people like you, but how do we utilize this platform? Here are some tips for you to use YouTube or other video-sharing platforms effectively:

1. Invest with a High-Resolution Camera/Smartphone.

It’s a big deal today to have an HQ video output because most gadgets nowadays, even smartphones, have a high resolution of megapixels. Don’t forget that competition exists, and they always assure quality output. 

But it will not end the competition. Every user of video-sharing platforms must be keen on details. You need to consider the setting or location, lighting, and sounds. These three elements help your video output.

2. Know your Niche.

Not everyone will listen or watch your content, and you can’t also cover all topics. So you need to choose a niche you are comfortable with and knowledgeable about. In creating your content, you must consider outlining your points and easily absorb or follow your viewers. Most influencers use this method to deliver their message, even in business.

Establishing a concrete niche can build a brand or figure to remember you by your followers. That’s why there are different categories or genres in using video-sharing sites.

video sharing platforms

3. Build Connection.

Fortunately, using video-sharing sites have tools or features that can help you connect with your followers and other co-influencers. Most video-sharing platforms have a comment section where the viewers or followers can give their views or opinions about your video content. Moreover, influencers can collaborate with their co-influencers by using YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Live, and other video-sharing platforms.

In this sense, you can create a bond with your followers, resulting in loyalty. You can also widen your audience by collaborating with other influencers. In this way, you can introduce yourself and add more prospective followers. So you need to choose the video-sharing platforms properly you need to use. Moreover, here are some that prospective followers dominantly use:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • TikTok
  • Facebook Watch
  • IGTV by Instagram
  • DailyMotion
  • TED

These video-sharing platforms are the most trusted and analytically proven when it comes to digital marketing, educational content, and entertainment.  But first, do Tip no. one and two to effectively build your community.

Using Video-Sharing Platforms, Time to apply!

Using video-sharing platforms can offer limitless opportunities to the users. But it has plenty of tasks to work with to achieve desired engagement and sales to your business.

Don’t worry! It might sound overwhelming, but with a good attitude and courage, you can master using video-sharing platforms. Have some digi-problems you need to answer? Check out our services.

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