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Think it is impossible to achieve success on a small budget? The creators of the blockbuster 3-D animation movie “Despicable Me” would claim otherwise. With the first film and its sequel receiving generally positive reviews from critics and moviegoers globally, it is no wonder that it became one of Universal’s most profitable movies ever.
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If there’s a book that has been a household name and helped define the pre-teens of today’s millennials, without a doubt and/or battling an eyelash, it would be J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. If you were reading this and grew up waiting for the release and reading the books, watching the movie adaptations, becoming part...
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The “Keep Calm and […enter your text…]” meme (the ones printed on a colored background and topped with a royal crown) is so popular. As a matter of fact, you can see the quotation almost everywhere. You see it emblazoned on t-shirts, coffee mugs, sticky notes, bumper stickers, business establishments (I swear I saw signage saying: Keep […]
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