Macon Panopio
AI-Powered Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to generate buzz, increase brand awareness and drive sales. It’s not just a dream anymore. AI has made it possible for influencer marketing to grow. But have you heard about AI-powered influencer marketing? AI-powered influencer marketing is valuable in many ways, but you still have to know...
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programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling advertising space on a large scale. In the past, advertisers would have to go through intermediaries when buying ads. Now, programmatic technology allows them to buy premium ad spots directly from publishers, without having to deal with all the extra costs associated with third parties. This...
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live-stream shopping
Christmas is just right around the corner and with the threat of COVID-19 still lurking, can we really enjoy the much-awaited Christmas shopping? Well, some may say yes. But, most will probably say no. These people won’t risk their safety marching inside malls with hundreds of people just to buy that ‘limited edition holiday series’...
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visual search
There goes a saying that the eyes fall in love first, and indeed, it does. To capture the attention and interest of your customers, you need to get them to glance over your product. This way, the moment your brand creates an impact on the customers, they come back for more and that is a...
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vernacular seo
The backbone of any online or digital marketing is none other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can improve your site to increase its visibility. The more visibility of your pages, the more likely you will get attention and attract many prospective customers to your business. Without SEO, it will be hard for your customers...
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Omnichannel Marketing
As a retailer, it’s time to recognize the importance of omnichannel marketing in your business and use it to provide a unique experience for your clients while increasing your return on investment (ROI). To assist you in developing a successful omnichannel marketing campaign, we have put together a comprehensive guide with tips and omnichannel marketing...
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top challenges for marketers in 2022
Everyone had tough and chaotic business experiences in the past years. The pandemic brought several negative impacts on enterprises. Due to lockdown restrictions, many businesses closed down. Many were forced to reorganize and shift their companies online. Businesses must figure out how to source resources and dominate the e-commerce market. It increased digital marketers’ social...
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Search marketing trends in 2022
The pandemic events that have taken place have impacted every business. Thus, search engine marketers must be more flexible than ever to change their strategy in 2020. Since most browsers are getting rid of cookies, search engine marketing (SEM) will undergo a significant transition in the years to come. Search marketing trends in 2022 will...
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gender neutrality marketing
As the world is in relentless transition, so are the material and conceptual systems in the society that will pursue evolution to cater to the need for their continued existence. Such is the case for the escalation of gender-neutral marketing in recent years.  Most businesses before put heavy emphasis on marketing their products based on...
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Digital marketing in the Philippines after COVID-19
What happened to Digital Marketing in the Philippines after COVID-19 Pandemic? The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes in the way people live. Likewise, it affected business activities nationally, regionally, and globally. The pandemic has pushed more than 6.2 million people across countries to a worldwide standstill. This resulted in some serious issues and concerns in...
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