Delegating Tasks to VAs: Helpful Tips for Clients

Tips for clients? We got you.

When it comes to aspiring success for your business, it is always a must to ensure that tasks are done efficiently. For some business owners, it is sometimes overwhelming to delegate tasks to their personnel. Delegating becomes a specialized skill to master. It becomes even fiddly when you’re working with virtual assistants. Just imagine how complicated it can be to explain tasks to someone you can’t see and live a million miles away from you.

That can be very overwhelming!

As today’s technological advancement brings new forms of innovations to various types of business, the urge to find the best assistance heightens as well. Thus, hiring a virtual assistant becomes the number 1 solution.

Now, the question is: how can employers effectively delegate tasks to their VAs and create a harmonious virtual work relationship with them?

Helpful Tips for Clients

Here are useful tips on how to do so:

1. Hire the best talents – and build an awesome collaboration.

Just as much as you know your set of tasks to be completed, you must also be certain of what skills and talents are to be hired. Right skillset + experience = right person to hire, that’s the formula. Don’t venture to individuals who will just waste your time. However, there are also newcomers in the field of virtual assistance; and for employers, to be able to give them a chance, a reliable platform must be used. Upwork, for instance, is the leading source of freelancers who can match the needs of the business.

2. Establish a good working relationship.

Again, how can you trust someone who you’ve never met before? Will you just base on an amazing portfolio and eye-catching resumes? Communication is very important. This is the fuel to start creating a good working relationship. When choosing a VA that you want to hire, make sure to connect with them not only to just give a task list but also to get to know more about the person. You see, establishing a harmonious relationship can build trust and credibility. No need to worry as well when it comes to tools that you can use. Today’s technology offered a lot. You can use email, Skype, Hangouts, Messenger, and more. That’s convenient, right?

3. Make commitment a major factor in your contract.

Building a working relationship comes with commitment. It’s the passion of both getting the job and aspiring to become part of every success made. Once an assistant accepted the job offer, he/she must be aware of the deadlines, deliverables, and other important notes to be accomplished. He/she must not be living with excuses but is zestful in having the initiative to learn to do the tasks.

4. Be open to using collaboration tools.

As previously mentioned, today’s technology offers various collaboration tools. Communication is more convenient and you both can keep track of the task progress. Tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Hangouts, and others aid the working relationship to become easier. You can also try first their Free Trial and then level up membership once tested.

5. Set up regular meetings

Communication is the key. That’s why when you have an undergoing project, it’s advisable to have regular meetings. Let’s say, once or twice a week. This will allow questions, feedback, and concerns to be heard and given proper action.

Also, a daily report of what has been done each day must be requested. It can be in a bulleted list and sent via email or any preferred messaging platform as agreed upon.

6. Ensure availability.

One of the common issues employers and virtual assistants encounter is their availability. There may be a time difference, and it is sometimes hard to play hide-and-seek with the proper time to talk. Also, there may be questions that require prompt answers and customers’ inquiries that need to be answered quickly. That’s why it’s imperative to set a time for you, two, or the team to connect with each other. Some clients cannot always attend through their email but are using apps such as Whatsapp. Virtual assistants are working independently, but open communication with their clients is very important.

That’s it! To sum it up, delegation is a must for every freelancer-client relationship. And it needs to be done efficiently and effectively.

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