Infinity Web Solutions: How 2020 Shaped Us as a Team and As a Family

What a tough year, huh? But hear us when we say altogether that WE ARE TOUGHER!

This year has been filled with tumultuous challenges and significant changes. But while it has driven us to the edge of our comfort, we can still hold our head up high and proudly say that WE SURVIVED. As we are about to arrive at the tail of this year, we want to express our enormous gratitude to everyone. From the management to the newly-hired employees, and down to our loyal clients, each of us has contributed a lot to keeping our team intact –grateful and with high morale throughout this year.

The pandemic’s devastating impact had made us witness how many business owners around the world struggled above and beyond. It is with great sadness that we admit that we also lost a few of our wonderful clients. However, the notion “you lose some, you gain some” proved to be true for us. Many new clients have been added to our already-long list, and we’re not done yet.

In this post, we say our thanks to valued clients who stayed with us and continued to provide us with work during the worst periods of this year. Despite the lockdown and remote sessions, they didn’t think twice of trusting us. With uncertainties looming over almost all types of businesses, it makes our hearts full that they allowed us to manage their company’s fate. 

But of course, no one deserves the most profound appreciation other than the management and the entire team. The bosses have been supportive throughout, from the sudden change in work arrangement to providing everyone with assurance and income source. Many companies out there have no choice but to lay off the majority of their workforce, and yet Infinity Web Solutions strived to ensure that no one would have to go. From the top of the company ladder to the bottom, everyone worked relentlessly, which resulted in incredible growth and success. We even welcomed a bunch of talented people into our family!

While it’s true that most of us occasionally moan about our loads, the overtime we invested in finishing our tasks, the struggles on having a stable internet connection, and the lack of someone to brainstorm with, it’s undeniable that we have achieved some kind of work-life balance and solitude during the lockdown. Thanks to the tight family culture that we have in the company, most of us found the support we need against COVID-related anxieties. Each one, seniors or colleagues, has become a source of fulfillment and provided each of us with the much-needed laugh and comfort during these challenging times.

And though it’s hard to maintain a connection to the outside world, the team members who have gone from workmates to best friends have found ways to work through the chaos. Thanks to the occasional trivia games, nonsense chitchats, teasing, and incredible sense of humor of each one –we had so much laughter despite the fears. Of course, there were also those weekend catch-ups and a few bottles of beer (or the four corners, as they say).

In a world where most people need to work in the frontline, with most losing their jobs or left with no choice but to do a career shift, our work at Infinity Web Solutions, as well as its loving family, is indeed something to be grateful for now and for a long time.

Once again, thank you, team. We survived, we rocked, and we grew. Together, we’ll do the drill again next year! May everyone have a far better 2021!

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