Why a Positive Workplace Culture is Crucial in Honing a Successful Virtual Assistant Team

In most – if not all – brick-and-mortar workplaces, teamwork is vital for the business’s success. While it can’t happen overnight, a motivated and successful virtual assistant team can come by design in due time. 

In a virtual workplace, you don’t share a cubicle or office with your co-employee; you don’t pass people in the hallways or get an opportunity to talk about their day. Working in a virtual environment means that you have to create those memories yourself, which requires you to put in a little bit of extra effort. While the work setting for virtual employees is different, the company culture should still come into play. Since your team will make or break your business, you should create an image of your company’s brand that will shine in the long run. 

Moreover, you cannot underestimate the significance of positive workplace culture to successful virtual assistants. It defines you in the minds not only of your employees but also your clients as well. Having a positive working environment sets expectations and is an all-encompassing way to motivate your people. But wait, there’s more! It also gives your business the reputation to attract and retain top talents. 

4 Ways to Develop Your Virtual Company Culture

Creating a positive team culture is not an easy feat. It requires planning, a fair amount of time, and consistent effort. Fortunately, the process gets more comfortable along the way. So put your people in the best conditions to guarantee you fruitful years into the future. Here are some ways to do it: 

Conduct Casual Team Meetings

Employees conduct team meetings to brainstorm, discuss goals, projects, and other business-related queries. However, having a casual gathering like “Happy Hour” or “Coffee Break” over video calls can build a community sense. You can hold a Happy Hour every last Friday where you can video chat, then dress up, and share your favorite recipes. With casual conversations, you can share some laughs and continue to build rapport with your colleagues.

Understand your Team’s Characteristics

Working in a virtual workplace means working with individuals with distinct personalities. Thus, it is essential to get to know each characteristic that informs interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Some of the traits you need to understand are their value and belief systems, emotional intelligence, adaptability, level of competence, and life and work experience. Although these people work in remote locations, knowing their character traits can help you make informed decisions in combining the right mix of people to form a team. 

Ask for Feedback

You can get honest feedback with anonymous surveys. This type of feedback allows your people to share genuine thoughts about their colleagues without the pressure of reprimand. No matter how close or open your policies are, other employees are not comfortable sharing their thoughts personally. So it is essential to have another outlet where they can express their anger, share their ideas, and give praise anonymously.  

Send Perks and Incentives

Most people feel special when they get perks – branded shirts, mugs, or equipment at your office’s disposal. Sending small, fun-filled package throughout the year speak volumes on how you care for your people. Welcome packages to newly hired employees can also make them feel special and excited about being part of the team. 

A positive work environment flows through your business and contributes to the honing of a successful virtual assistant team, which is crucial to the growth of your company. Take some time to run through your business’s environment and culture and see the areas that need improvement. As a business owner, your challenge is to look past physical distance and create a company culture that caters to your virtual assistants and business’s needs.