The situation that the year 2020 has brought drastic changes to everyone due to COVID-19. Millions of people around the globe were forced to be confined inside their own houses 24/7. Thus, people sought ways to keep in touch with friends, study, work remotely, and find a pastime. Everyone is willing to do anything to fight all the stress and pressure that the pandemic has brought. Thanks to the emergence of technology and social media. People have found an outlet to become more connected and involved despite the distance and time zones. But, besides fulfilling entertainment needs, most people tend to dive into social platforms like Facebook to earn money as well. And if you are an entrepreneur or into business, you probably ask if it is the perfect time to create a Facebook page for your business.

What Is A Facebook Business Page?

Perhaps this is the modern way of promoting your business without needing to go out. You don’t have to give out flyers on the streets or post posters on street walls. Basically, a Facebook business page is a more accessible and easier way for businesses to raise brand recognition, create sales, and even drive sales via Facebook. It’s a method to interact with new consumers and engage with existing customers in your target market.

Since the pandemic started, social media has become more convenient for people to share or post moments. It is also the less expensive way to say hello to relatives who live in another country. Moreover, it brings fun to everyone through online games with friends, or start a conversation with a stranger. But most importantly, it is a helpful tool for businesses to sell products and services online with just a few clicks.

Therefore, Facebook is continuously evolving and providing businesses with more innovative and beneficial services. While these capabilities are complex, creating a Facebook Page is extremely simple. Sign in to your personal Facebook profile, click the “+” symbol, pick “Page,” and follow the steps.

Why Is It A Must for your Business?

Here are some of the critical factors why you should invest in marketing your business through Facebook. It doesn’t matter if they are small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) or a multinational businesses giant. You can benefit when you make a Facebook business page today.

Billions of Possible Audience

One of the most critical factors that require consideration when making a Facebook page is the audience. The audience refers to the people who can see your page. As of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook already has 2.89 billion active users monthly, making Facebook the most extensive social network worldwide.

Instead, imagine a hall with 300 people inside if one person talks to another person sitting with them at one table and says they have tried the best burger ever. The group of people that they have talked to may share the information with the other people inside the hall. Then within 30 minutes, the domino effect made the best burger ever become the talk of the entire hall! 2.89 billion is a large number to visualize.

By applying this concept, even with just thousands of Facebook pages, there is a great possibility that the business shall become the talk of the town. Aiming to reach a larger audience through Facebook Pages will help any business build brand awareness and loyalty and even boost their website traffic.

Low-cost Marketing

Starting a Facebook Page is free and readily available for anyone who aims for marketing and branding. All you need to have is a good business introduction, profile photo, and cover photo, and you’re ready to go.

However, if you want your business page to be more visible on the network, you might consider investing in Facebook Ads. These are generally cheaper than print, TV, and radio advertisements and are more targeted since Facebook Ads allow page owners to choose the specific locations or areas of the audience. Likes, post boosts, Sponsored Posts, and Sponsored Stories are all examples of these adverts.

Customer Support through Chat

One of the first features of Facebook is the free messaging app called Messenger. With this, people may communicate with one another even when they are in different cities or countries.

Facebook Pages can also be linked to a Messenger chat wherein clients may communicate with the page owners if they have queries. Page owners may be able to reply wherever you are. All you need is a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, and you can talk to them through the app.

Page Engagements and Insights Analysis

Facebook Pages also provide data on the number of audiences reached and the number of engagements such as Likes, Comments, and Shares. These metrics allow business owners to identify if their social media management is good or if there is a need for improvements.

Create A Facebook Business Page Today and Earn More!

Business owners are strongly encouraged to build and invest in social media marketing through Facebook Pages now that technology continues to evolve. If you need help with these services for your business, we are here to serve you. With our expert social media managers, we can help you with the management of your Pages. Feel free to reach out to us, we are here to help your business grow.

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